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Bouldering Guidebook: boulder Albarracín

This Bouldering Guidebook contains the following bouldering areas:

  • Acantilados
  • Arrastradero
  • Cabrerizo
  • Entre Aguas
  • Entre Tierras
  • La Fuente
  • Mazquita
  • Mirador
  • Parking
  • Península
  • Piinturas
  • Psicokiller
  • Techos
  • Tierra Media
  • Valle de la Madera

Keyfacts of this boulder area according to the Bouldering Guidebook

Prime bouldering seasonInformation about how to get to the areasPlaces to rent bouldering material (for ex. crashpad)Where to sleepRange of bouldering grades
September until JuneIndication of how to get there by carnot indicatednot indicatedBLEAU: 3 to 8B+

Not sure about the grades? Find here more information about the bouldering grading system.

How many problems are described? – about 1680
In which language? – Spanish, English, German, French
How many pages? – 279 pages
How havy? 530g
In color or just black & white? – Color

More information about this Bouldering Guidebook

The Boulderguide “boulder Albarracín” is a brought guidebook about bouldering in the bouldering area of Albarracín in Spain. Its content is written in Spanish, English, German and French. Thus international boulderers can benefit of it. The guidebook is structured in a first explanatory part, a second “information about the bouldering area” part and an appendix called “problem index”. In the appendix boulderers can find easily interesting bouldering challenges by their name.
The second part about the bouldering areas, starts with a little description of each bouldering area. Followed by basics like the exact number of bouldering spots, geographical coordinates and indication of the nearest parking site. After this informational content about the bouldering area comes the map. Finally, color photos of each boulder with an arrow indication of bouldering routes and additional symbols, which are providing information about crimps, slopers, exposed or technical routes on a boulder,  are helping every boulderer to choose the right bouldering challenge. 

Quality of maps in this Bouldering Guidebook


Computer generated graphics in color of each bouldering area. Coordinate indication on maps help for better orientation. 

Special features of this Bouldering Guidebook

  • There is also an online version of this bouldering guidebook
  • The bouldering association behind this book,, is a non-profit organisation and uses earnings to keep the website up-to-date or to donate to projects related to climbing and the environment
  • Geographic coordinates for every boulder route

Book overall rating


The Boulderguide “boulder Albarracín” provides all necessary information to enjoy your bouldering trip in Albarracín. With its for languages it is useful for international boulderers. Geographic coordination for every boulder route help to orientate in the hugh area of Albarracín. Additional information like where to rent a crash pad and where to sleep can be found on the website by which the guidebook is inspired. 

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Impressions of Bouldering in Spain

About bouldering in Spain

Albarracín bouldering has been called “Spain’s Fontainebleau” and La Pedriza has been called “the Joshua Tree of Spain”. While these may be arguable comparisons, there is no question that bouldering Spain offers tremendous world-class potential. La Pedriza is a granite bouldering paradise with an endless number of problems. Albarracín bouldering provides at least 10 sectors with a countless number and wide variety of sandstone problems. With its scenic location, awesome climbing and rich cultural history, there are many reasons to boulder Albarracin.

How to get to the most famous bouldering areas in Spain

Bouldering Spain is accessible by car, plane or bus. It is a 3-4 hour drive from airports in Madrid, Zaragoza, and Valencia to boulder Albarracin. La Pedriza is accessible by car or public transportation from Madrid.

Closest Bigger Towns / Cities:

• Teruel (40 km)
• Madrid (288 km)
• Valencia (181 km)
• Zaragoza (178 km)

La Pedriza
• Madrid (63 km)

What people say about bouldering

– Likes:
• picturesque
• wide variety of problems (giant roofs, highballs, etc.)
• endless potential
• best granite climbing in Spain (Pedriza)

• rain and slow drying rock
• some sectors (Albarracin) closed January – August for bird nesting
• problems not featured in the topograph
• brittle sandstone
• sharp rock

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