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Bouldering Guidebook: Buildering – Spots. Klettern und Bouldern in der Stadt

This Bouldering Guidebook contains the following bouldering areas:

In Germany:

  • Aachen
  • Bad Arolsen
  • Bad Münster am Stein
  • Bad Neustadt
  • Bamberg
  • Bergheim
  • Berlin
  • Bingen
  • Chemnitz
  • Dietfurt
  • Dresden
  • Duisburg
  • Emmering
  • Fehmarn
  • Fellbach
  • Flörsheim
  • Frankfurt
  • Freiburg
  • Freising
  • Göttingen
  • Gräfendorf
  • Hamburg
  • Handorf
  • Husum
  • Kalkar
  • Karlsruhe
  • Kaufbeuren
  • Köln
  • Konz
  • Krefeld
  • Leipzig
  • Mainz
  • Mannheim
  • Marxen
  • München
  • Münster
  • Neuenkirchen
  • Nordstrand
  • Nürnberg
  • Paulsdorf
  • Passau
  • Senden
  • Schwarzenberg
  • Sprakel
  • Steinfurt
  • Stuttgart
  • Süderlügum
  • Waiblingen
  • Weinheim
  • Wiesbaden
  • Worms
  • Würzburg


  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • Spain

Keyfacts of this boulder area according to the Bouldering Guidebook

Prime bouldering seasonInformation about how to get to the areasPlaces to rent bouldering material (for ex. crashpad)Where to sleepRange of bouldering grades
all over the yearindication of geographic location by coordinates and addressnot indicatednot indicatedUIAA IV - X

Not sure about the grades? Find here more information about the bouldering grading system.

How many problems are described? – over 200
In which language? – German
How many pages? – 262 pages
How havy? 375g
In color or just black & white? – Black & White

More information about this Bouldering Guidebook

The Boulderguide “Buildering – Spots. Klettern und Bouldern in der Stadt” describes in a view words on nearly every page a bouldering problem of a city or town in Germany. A little more than 10 pages are dedicated to international urban bouldering spots in Enschede (Netherlands), Glasgow (Scotland), Innsbruck and Vienna (Austria), Blenio and Fribourg (Switzerland) and Barcelona (Spain). All content is written in German. The descriptions are structured the following: enumeration of geographic coordinates of the buildings, address and boulder level of the building as a bouldering element. At the end a little description of the bouldering problem (2 – 5 sentences) and mostly pictures. As the German content is very short, this guidebook can also be used by non-german-speakers interersted in urban climbing. The source of this book is a website on which urban climbers comment regularly different bouldering possibilities on buildings.

Buildering is not permitted on every building. The author points out that even for bouldering problems described in this guidebook, boulderers should make sure to be allowed to climb on a building.

Quality of maps in this Bouldering Guidebook

This bouldering guidebook doesn’t contain maps. Geographic location is indicated with coordinates and addresses. Some pictures give information about bouldering routes (white arrows on black and white pictures).

Special features of this Bouldering Guidebook

  • About 20 pages informational content about buildering, also called  urban climbing or parkours. Thematising history and legal provisions.
  • Contains a bouldering grading table
  • A view empty pages for notes at the end
  • information about additonal internet websites treating the topic of urban climbing

Book overall rating


The Boulderguide “Buildering – Spots. Klettern und Bouldern in der Stadt” gets you into the idea of  urban climbing. It’s to recommend for someone travelling through Germany and looking for urban climbing spots without the need to do some additonal internet research or printing out information from websites. Thus, it is a great source of inspiration. For some towns such as Nuremberg, Munster, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Goettingen, Dresden or Berlin, the guidebook offers up to 12 different bouldering suggestions per town going from level UIAA 4 to 6.
Also there is no guarantee that bouldering topos described in the guidebook can legally always be climbed. The author claims that it is tolerated and recommends to ask for permission in case of doubt. In view of te importance of the legal topic, the information about buildering in this guidebook is very helpful. 

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Impressions of buildering, urban climbing, parkours

About bouldering on buildings: urban climbing, buildering and parkours

Buildering, also known as urban climbing, is the practice of bouldering on buildings. Some buildings and man-made structures are tempting locations for bouldering in a city. Urban climbing developed out of climbers’ natural desire to climb, and for the challenge of using very specific moves. The increasing number of climbing gyms have given climbers designated places to train, however, man-made structures are still tempting for urban climbers. Bouldering on buildings resembles parkours but is actually quite different.

Parkours evolved from the French Special Forces training program “Parcours du combattant,” or “The Path of the Warrior.” In the modern day movement craze of parkour, participants use obstacles to propel themselves from point a to point b, often infusing their own style into their movement through space.

The legality of bouldering on buildings depends on the location. It is best practice talk to building owners and check local laws before bouldering in a city.

What people say about urban climbing

• Experience climbing buildings is useful in an emergency
• Great training for climbing
• Specific and challenging moves

• Urban or industrial landscapes pose different dangers
• Not knowing if a structure will hold your weight
• Negative attention from police, property owners, or passers-by

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