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Bouldering Guidebook – Silvretta-Block, Bouldertopo Silvapark – Galtür

This Bouldering Guidebook contains the following bouldering areas:

  • Sekten
  • Anam Cara
  • Lahnenberg
  • Schuh des Manitu & Super Crack
  • Palm Beach
  • Golden Gate
  • Falsche Götter
  • Outlands

Keyfacts of this boulder area according to the Bouldering Guidebook

Prime bouldering seasonInformation about how to get to the areasPlaces to rent bouldering material (for ex. crashpad)Where to sleepRange of bouldering grades
Summermostly indication of how to get to the areas by carnot indicatedshort information about camping sites and guest houses in this areaBLEAU: Fb 1-3 to Fb 8b+

Not sure about the grades? Find here more information about the bouldering grading system.


How many problems are described? – over 370
In which language? – English & German
How many pages? – 64 pages
How havy? 135g
In color or just black & white? – Color

More information about this Bouldering Guidebook

The Boulderguide “Silvretta-Block, Bouldertopo Silvapark – Galtür” gives useful information about how to get to the bouldering area of Silvapark close to the town of Galtür in Austria and where to boulder on the bouldering stones of this area. The booklet is very slim and contains colored maps and photos. The bouldering area Silvapark lies high in the alpine mountains of Austria (about 1931m) and is therefor a popular bouldering area. The bouldering booklet describes in its first pages how to get there by car. It explains costs and sleeping possibilities. A view symbols help to describe bouldering routes. Here you can read for example “SD” for “sit-down-start”, “(SD)” for “not a perfect sit-down-start” or “morpho” which stands for “harder for smaller people”.
The following pages show the different sectors of Silvapark, like “Sekten” or “Anam Cara”. One page describes the condition of the bouldering sector, then bouldering routes are enumerated with photos and colored topos arrow marks as well as information about the bouldering difficulty beneath the photos.

Quality of maps in this Bouldering Guidebook


The Boulderguide “Silvretta-Block, Bouldertopo Silvapark – Galtür” contains a view good maps which indidacte how to get to the areas by car. It also offers good information about topos on bouldering stones with photos and colored arrows. 

Special features of this Bouldering Guidebook

More booklet than guidebook. So easy to take into your luggage.

Book overall rating


The Boulderguide “Silvretta-Block, Bouldertopo Silvapark – Galtür” gives basic information about bouldering difficulties in Silvretta, close to the town Galtür in Austra. The guide shows the boulderers how and where to boulder the different bouldering topos of this area. However it is missing detail in description. Its strong point is its handy and light format, so for boulderers looking for a bouldering guidebook which shows the bouldering routes of this area, it is perfect. 

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Impressions of bouldering in Austria

About bouldering in Austria

With the Alps dominating the Austrian landscape, this country offers impressive climbing opportunities, granite slabs, and breathtaking vistas. Some areas are in forested valleys, while others are found in high alpine meadows. Sport, multi-pitch, ice, bouldering, and via-ferrata routes are waiting to be discovered in this mountain paradise with panoramic post-card views. Many popular areas in Austria are located in the state of Tyrol, with options including everything from family friendly areas to the classic high-ball “too young to die”.

How to get to different bouldering sites in Austria?

• Closest airport is Innsbruck International
• Mandlers Boden is located near the village of Ritzenreid, about 75 km west of Innsbruck. Ritzenreid is 5 km south of the resort town of Jerzens
• Silvapark is located above Galtür, about 114 km west of Innsbruck
• Silvretta is also located near Galtür
• Zillertal has multiple climbing sites, including Zillergrund, Sundergrund, near the town of Mayrhofen, about 68 km east of Innsbruck
• Ginzling Wald is near the town of Ginzling, an additional 11 km south of Mayrhofen

What people say about bouldering in Austria

– Likes:
• Epic landscape
• One of the most beautiful spots ever
• Boulders are superb
– Dislikes
• Seasonal
• Distance to hike to some areas
• Toll roads

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