Bouldering Guidebooks for bouldering in the Allgäu

Bouldering Guidebook – Allgäu – Block, Bouldertopo Allgäu – Lechtal

This Bouldering Guidebook contains the following bouldering areas:

  • Ein-Siedelblock
  • Steigbachtal
  • Alpsee-Block
  • Stier-Wandl
  • Illerschleife
  • Rottach
  • Sagenland
  • Neue Welt
  • Freidorf
  • Maiselwände
  • Rockland
  • Vorderburg
  • Kammeregg
  • Starzlachklamm
  • Erzgrube
  • Starzlachblock
  • Kraftboulder
  • Hinterstein
  • Sonthofener Hof
  • Malerwinkel
  • Alpseeklippe
  • Vils
  • Raintal
  • Gufelalpe
  • Känzele

Keyfacts of this boulder area according to the Bouldering Guidebook

Prime bouldering seasonInformation about how to get to the areasPlaces to rent bouldering material (for ex. crashpad)Where to sleepRange of bouldering grades
Summermostly indication by cara few sport shops are named, in the description of some boulder sites they give information about where to rent crashpadsindication of overnight accomodations of all kinds (websites)BLEAU: Fb 1 to Fb 8c Trav.

Not sure about the grades? Find here more information about the bouldering grading system.

How many problems are described? – over 1400
In which language? – English & German
How many pages? – 223 pages
How havy? 425g
In color or just black & white? – Color

More information about this Bouldering Guidebook

The Boulderguide “Allgäu – Block, Bouldertopo Allgäu > Lechtal” gives information about bouldering on limestone or sandstone boulders.
In this boulderguidebook cou can find detailed descriptions about access to this areas and getting there by car as well as information about the landing area around a boulder topo. 

Quality of maps in this Bouldering Guidebook


Very good maps which indidacte how to get to these areas by car. Also good maps of topos in form of real pictures and / or precise graphic designs.

Special features of this Bouldering Guidebook

  • information about the landing after having climbed a boulder
  • very detailed description about how to get to each boulder area

Book overall rating

The Boulderguide “Allgäu – Block, Bouldertopo Allgäu > Lechtal” shows a good balance of text descriptions, pictures and maps. It has a very precise description of boulder problems. To be rated as a very good boulderguide a more precise indication of how to boulder some problems would be perfect.

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Impressions of bouldering in the Allgäu

About bouldering in the Allgäu

The Allgäu is a scenic bouldering destination in Southern Germany near the Austrian border. The majority of crags are located near the towns of Kempten, Sonthofen, Oberstdorf, and Füssen. A large collection of boulders is located near Sonthofen. Some climbing areas, especially those with sport climbing routes, offer breathtaking alpine views, or even a picturesque glimpse of Neuschwanstein Castle or Hohenschwangau Castle. With a variety of rock types to explore, numerous sport climbing and bouldering options, and a scenic location in the Northern Alps, this area offers something for everyone.

How to get to the boulder area of The Allgäu?

Closest airport: Memmingen, Germany
• Sonthofen is located about 64 km south of Memmingen

Closest major cities:
• Munich, Germany is located 158 km from Sonthofen
• Zurich, Switzerland is about 183 km from Sonthofen

What boulderers say about bouldering in the Allgäu

• variety of rock type including conglomerate sandstone, limestone
• jugs, slabs, overhangs, microedges
• Fontainebleau-like circuits

• no large groups
• climbers may have to compete with other visitors for parking
• paths to boulders may be vague

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