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Bouldering Guidebook: Bishop bouldering by Wolverine Publishing

This Bouldering Guidebook contains the following bouldering areas:

  • Rock Creek and the Sherwin Plateau
  • Happy Boulders
  • Sad Boulders
  • Buttermilk Country
  • Druid Stones

Keyfacts of this boulder area according to the Bouldering Guidebook

Prime bouldering seasonInformation about how to get to the areasPlaces to rent bouldering material (for ex. crashpad)Where to sleepRange of bouldering grades
Late September until Maidetailed description of closer airports; a car is essential for getting aroung in Bishop; plenty of information about how to get from different airports by car to the bouldering regioninformation about where to get climbing supplieslist of many camping options with indication of address, how to get there by car and opening hoursVermin: vB - v14

Not sure about the grades? Find here more information about the bouldering grading system.

How many problems are described? – more than 2000
In which language? – English
How many pages? – 347 pages
How havy? 740g
In color or just black & white? – Color

More information about this Bouldering Guidebook

The Boulderguide “Bishop Bouldering” is considered as one of the standard bouldering guidebooks for the Bishop bouldering areas. The latest editons date back on 2010, but the information of the guidebook is still seen as very helpful and up-to-date. The bouldering guide is structured as the following: First, more than 20 pages of useful information about the bouldering area. Then, between 1 and 2 pages of informational content about a specific bouldering sector, followed by a grafic computer generated map of the sector. The information about the bouldering sector tells its readers more about the kind of bouldering, boulderers can expect when bouldering in this sector. Typically topics are landing description, level of bouldering or stone type. Also the guidebook gives here additional information about close by grocery stores, campsites or hotel rooms as well as how to get to the sector by car. Each sector description goes with a bouldering grade, boulder photos and colorful arrow indication of bouldering routes. With each boulder topo comes also a little description explaining where to start bouldering and pointing out easy grips. Symbols help judge the fun of climbing (three stars for world-class problems) and scary or highball problems.

Quality of maps in this Bouldering Guidebook


There are plenty of maps in the book helping boulderers to orientate in this big bouldering area. Readers can find big overview maps as well as sector maps and more specific boulder stone maps. An indication of coordinates would be a modern plus, but considering the good quality of the maps, boulderers should be able to find bouldering spots without any problems.
Also the color-arrows on boulder stone photos help for a good orientation of where to boulder a route. 

Special features of this Bouldering Guidebook

  • Graded list of three-star bouldering problems
  • Folder cover for easy page marking

Book overall rating


The Boulderguide “Bishop Bouldering” is vaste in information about the bouldering area and it its specific sectors. With this excellent guidebook boulderers will have a lot of choice to find their level of bouldering and experience some extraordinary bouldering moments.

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Block ‘n’ Road: Tagebuch eines Bouldertrips durch den Westen der USA

Impressions of bouldering in Bishop

About bouldering in Bishop, California – USA

Bishop is a scenic, rural destination located between the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the West and the White Mountains to the East. Bishop bouldering has two distinct areas, each with unique characteristics, yet with a combination of over 1,000 problems. At the Volcanic Tablelands, the Happy/Sad boulders have fun, dynamic climbing to challenge your flexibility and finger strength. Buttermilk Country offers world-class problems and tall lines.

How to get to the Bishop bouldering area?

Bishop bouldering is accessible by plane, car, or bus. A small public airport is located in Bishop, while the airport in nearby Mammoth Lakes has direct flights from LAX year-round. From Mammoth Lakes, it’s just about a 42-mile drive southeast on Highway 395 to Bishop. It’s an approximately 4-hour scenic drive to Bishop from major cities in California, or Nevada. Bus transportation is also available to Bishop from some locations.

Closest Cities:
• Reno, NV (205 miles)
• Las Vegas, NV (266 miles)
• Sacramento, CA (272 miles)
• Los Angeles, CA (268 miles)

What people say about bouldering in Bisohop

– Likes:
• intriguing
• fun elements
• unlimited climbing at every level
• flat landings
• highball paradise
• summer heat
• sharp quartz monzonite

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