About myboulderguide.com

On myboulderguide.com you can find most up-to-date guides for different bouldering destinations. Each page presents a résumé of a bouldering guidebook, intended to assist you in deciding whether the guidebook is right for your bouldering plans. I have clustered similar bouldering guidebooks, also in different languages, by topics to give you an overview of what is currently on the market and could be interesting for you. In addition, categorisation by countries and preferences is availablel in the menu. Photos on overview pages are my own photos or photos with an i-stock licence. The design goes back to the designer Marta Frias.


If you cannot find the bouldering guidebook you are interested in, or if you need a more detailed description of a specific bouldering guidebook before buying it,
please write me at info@myboulderguide.com and I will add it to my website.

About me

Me bouldering on a rock in FontainebleauFor some years I used to do bouldering mostly indoors in Munich, Germany, and a few times outdoors in Fontainebleau and in the UK and had some great experiences. I also learned how lost you can get in an outdoor bouldering area, if you have the wrong bouldering guidebook with you. In my case, I spent too much money into a bouldering guidebook of Fontainebleau, which I ended up never using it because it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Then I had a small bouldering accident in 2017, which puts me off bouldering for some time. I’m more into outdoor rock climbing now, but will go back to bouldering eventually. In the meantime, I focus on sorting out bouldering guidebooks, which are on the market at the moment.

I hope myboulderguide.com helps you to find the right bouldering guidebook. Whenever you think a bouldering guidebook is missing or you wish for a more detailed description of a specific guidebook, please, contact me at info@myboulderguide.com

Please keep in mind that I can only give a more detailed overview of what a guidebook offers, but not its complete content, as its writers and publishers created it especially for you to be read and purchased.

All that remains for me to say is enjoy finding your bouldering guidebook!
Yours. Lisa